Content Queens: Who you should be following on social media

Michael Roy – March 8, 2021

To celebrate International Womon’s Day, the Metric team put together a list of some of our favourite creators, activists, and organizers who are using digital to shape their communities and breathe new life into ‘the personal is political.’

Elaine Su (she/her) 

Our Digital Specialist, Savanna, shared with us the Twitter triumph of New Westminster, B.C. resident Elaine Su. For Elaine, providing a Chinese cultural education and grounding for her son is important. For Lunar New Year, Elaine asked her neighbours to decorate their homes in celebration. The result? Her toddler was able to walk through his neighbourhood and see fu diamonds and red lanterns on most doors. Elaine’s community organizing was further amplified over Twitter and it even reached Premier John Horgan who, in response, decorated the B.C. Legislature to celebrate  Lunar New Year.  

Read Elaine’s thread here: 

Anubha Momin (she/her)

Our Senior Account Manager, Lucy, wants you to follow Anubha Momin on Instagram but if you head over to TikTok, you’ll find that’s where she’s currently making her 🔥 political content. Anubha is a Desi woman living in Toronto  after working  in the arts scene in  Iqaluit, Nunavut, for many years. She uses TikTok trends to talk about issues like  equity, identity, and feminism in ways that are relatable, funny, and impactful. Her voice and perspective are helped along by her fantastic digital skills. Her content is super sharp and stands out in a saturated influencer market. Anubha’s content is quality from a production standpoint, and even more so when it comes to her message. Check her out on TikTok or, if you’re not quite ready for all that is TikTok (like Lucy), on Instagram. 

TikTok: @anubhamomin 

Lillian Lennon (she/her)

More representation from the North! Metric’s own Northern resident and Creative Director Robin is impressed by her nearly neighbour, Alaskan queer trans activist Lillian Lennon. Lillian was only 19 years old when she took on Proposition 1, an anti-trans bathroom bill in Anchorage, as a field organizer with the campaign Fair Anchorage and helped defeat it. Later, Lillian founded Talkeetna Pride to bring Pride to her small hometown.  Lillian uses Instagram and Twitter to fight against conversion therapy, further the LGBTQ movement, and provide commentary on the state of America  politics.

Instagram: @mslillianlennon 
Twitter: @mslillianlennon 

TikTok “Banjo Baby – Nice Flaco” Remix by Tia Wood

Brenna, Metric’s Account Manager, would like to suggest checking out the “Banjo Baby – Nice Flaco” remix  by Tia Wood (@tiamiscihk) on TikTok to discover #IndigenousTikTok and some incredible creators. Tia’s video with the sound has over 18.5 million views and has been used by Indigenous creators to show off masterful transitions revealing powerful Indigenous women in jingle dresses, sealskin jackets, and fancy shawl regalia.

Marika Sila and Shina Nova, and Tia Wood use TikTok to show their Inuk and Plains Cree/Salish heritage, respectively. These women invite their followers into their lives and culture by using TikTok trends in artful and subversive ways. Their content is inherently political and brimming with Indigenous pride. Follow these women to learn and to bask in the energy and power of the Indigenous cultural renaissance.

Tia Wood: @tiamiscihk
Shina Nova: @shinanova
Marika Silva: @marikasila

Ziwe Fumudoh (she/her)

If you haven’t watched Ziwe’s epic interviews yet, you need to head over to Instagram and check out her IGTV channel. Maureen, Metric’s Content Lead, thinks that Ziwe’s use of Instagram Live may be one of the best usages of this platform she has ever seen. Ziwe, a comedian in Brooklyn, interviews semi-famous influencers and media folk and drills them on their white privilege and internalized racism. Most notable are Ziwe’s interview with cancelled New York Times food columnist Alison Roman and polarizing influencer Caroline Calloway. The interviews are uncomfortable in all the right ways, and deeply insightful. Ziwe pulls off what mere mortals wish they could. 

IG: @ziwef 

Laura Kampf (she/her)

Metric’s Managing Director, Michael, wants to highlight German maker and content creator Laura Kampf. In the male-dominated landscape of YouTube makers, Laura stands out not only for her creative concepts and seemingly endless ideas, but also for her stellar video production skills. Her dog is also quite the star. If you’re looking to switch up your social media routine and start introducing maker content, you should definitely start with a visit to Laura’s YouTube page. I am particularly interested in “DIY Copper Plating… with a tampon,” “Free Floating Nightstand (Oak and Steel),” and “Plywood Credenza with Tambour Doors.”

YouTube: Laura Kampf 

Kisha Daniels (she/her) 

Metric’s latest recruit and new Director of Campaigns, Leah tells us that Kisha Daniels’ social media accounts are where it’s at. Kisha is one of the founders of Black and Indigenous Alliance Alberta, a grassroots, Call to Action organization that works to unite and mobilize Black, Indigenous, QTBIPOC, 2Spirit, queer, and other marginalized groups. Kisha helped organize anti-racism rallies in Red Deer, Alberta and refused to back down when racist, counter-protestors showed up and violently assaulted the peaceful group. Kisha uses social media to organize local activism and community action, particularly in smaller cities and rural communities. Kisha’s Instagram is fresh and full of art, homemade jewelry, and poignant reminders about the persistence of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism on and off-line.  But, the best place to follow Kisha is on Facebook where you can find her next kick-ass event and click “going.”

Facebook: ebonysunflower.Daniels 
IG: @ebonysunflower_artistry