Take on big fights–
and win.

You wouldn’t hire the same law firm as the employer. You shouldn’t hire the same advertising agency, either.

We work with labour unions and progressive organizations to help build and run successful campaigns with the best digital tools in the world.

Metric is a one-stop marketing agency that’s upending the corporate status quo in Canada.

We understand what you’re fighting for and why building our movement matters. We’re using innovative, field-tested strategies and tech from cutting-edge political campaigns to help you fight back and win.

We'd love to be your campaign team

The world’s largest companies pour millions into breaking up unions, cutting corners on labour rights and pitting workers against each other in a race to the bottom. 

But you’re the key to change.

From Starbucks to Amazon, workers across North America are organizing in a way we haven’t seen in a generation. We can make it happen in Canada, too. To fight back – and win, you need access to the same powerful tools and strategies corporations use against us. We’re here to put them in your hands.


Say what matters. We’ll bring your message to life with videos, email copy, graphics, and ads that inspire people to take action in your digital campaign. 


We’ll help you stay on top of the latest digital tools and tech so you can build and run winning campaigns for your organization.  


It starts with a strong foundation. We’ll set you up with data integration, high-impact branding, secure website development, and effective digital tools that get results.


The key to building a winning strategy is you. After learning about you, your audience and your goals – we can create a powerful data-driven digital strategy that gets results.

Sample Work

sample work image

Get Flushed (BC Building Trades)

The BC Building Trades want to make sure every worker can go to the toilet safely – even in the middle of a construction site.

sample work image

National Voter Turnout Ads (Canadian Labour Congress)

The snap Canadian Federal Election in 2021 meant little time for our partners at the Canadian Labour Congress to mobilize voters from coast to coast. But a creative solution to ****ing resulted in a campaign that engaged hundreds of thousands of young people in a fresh way.