Get Flushed (BC Building Trades)

The BC Building Trades want to make sure every worker can go to the toilet safely – even in the middle of a construction site.

National Voter Turnout Ads (Canadian Labour Congress)

The snap Canadian Federal Election in 2021 meant little time for our partners at the Canadian Labour Congress to mobilize voters from coast to coast. But a creative solution to ****ing resulted in a campaign that engaged hundreds of thousands of young people in a fresh way.

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Campaign for Public Safety (Calgary Firefighters Association)

Calgary is one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities, but the union representing Calgary firefighters was getting increasingly concerned that the construction of new fire halls, and recruitment and training of new first responders, wasn’t keeping up with the city’s growing population – possibly putting public safety at risk.

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Convention Design (NUPGE)

As life returned to normal from the global COVID pandemic, the National Union representing provincial government employees would host their first in-person convention in X years in St. John’s Newfoundland.

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Online Fundraising (Canada’s NDP)

After some fiscally tumultuous years, Metric partnered with Canada’s social democratic political party under Jagmeet Singh to help build their online fundraising program.

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